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Port Said National Garments

We are the Port Said National Company, a leading company in the ready-made garment industry. We have extensive experience in the ready-made garment industry and are distinguished by high quality and elegant design. We are proud to offer distinguished products that meet the needs of our customers and satisfy their aspirations.
Port Said National Company was established in 2019 by a team of experts and creators in the clothing industry, and since then, we have been keen to remain at the forefront of creators and innovators in this growing industry.
Our company owns a variety of successful brands which are very popular in the domestic and international markets. We strive to provide a unique and distinctive shopping experience to our customers by offering innovative designs and unmatched quality.
We are also proud of our ability to manufacture brands for others, as we work closely with our customers to achieve their vision and goals in the field of fashion and clothing. 

We are also proud that our products are exported to many countries of the world, and enjoy the trust and approval of customers in various global markets.
We ensure that our products are made with the highest standards of quality and attention to detail, and are committed to continuous innovation and following the latest fashion trends to meet the aspirations of our customers.
We work with passion and commitment to deliver clothing that inspires elegance and confidence to our customers, and we always strive to promote the values of creativity and quality in every aspect of our business.
We look forward to serving you and introducing our wonderful products to you, and we invite you to explore our exclusive collection and enjoy a unique shopping experience with us.

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Our Mission & Vision


Port Said National Readymade Garments is a company specialized in the manufacture of clothing with the best standards of quality and accuracy, with distinctive, modern and renewable designs that touch the tastes of our customers, using the latest industrial technologies and competitive prices in the local and international market.


To be among the leading Egyptian companies in the garment industry to meet the needs of all our customers .

Our Values

Quality: Quality in manufacturing, products and customer service.
Passion: Passion is key. We are passionate in everything we do
Innovation: Encouraging and developing new ideas and innovative solutions to meet customer needs
Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our goal and therefore we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers with an exemplary level of service
Commitment: We respect our commitments with all customers, whether with regard to the final product or delivery times
Transparency: Open and transparent communication within the organization and with customers and partners
Social Responsibility: Contribute to the development of society and the environment through positive initiatives and activities