Manufacturing for Others

We provide ready-to-wear garment manufacturing service for clients’ own brands. Through a skilled team and modern equipment, we implement custom designs with precision and high quality, we provide an opportunity for companies and designers to create unique clothing bearing their brand with the highest quality standards. Our service takes pride in meeting customers’ needs and achieving innovative and attractive designs

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Quality Testing ?

Our comprehensive quality testing process encompasses a range of assessments conducted either internally or by third-party experts, including:

  • Dimensional Stability Testing: Ensuring our garments maintain their shape after washing.
  • Tensile Strength Assessment: Measuring the strength and durability of fabrics under tension.
  • Buttons & Rivets Pull Test: Confirming the resilience of buttons and rivets through rigorous pulling tests.
  • Color Fastness to Household Laundering: Evaluating the color retention of fabrics after repeated household laundering.
  • Color Fastness to Rubbing: Testing fabric color resistance against rubbing and friction.
  • Appearance Evaluation after Wash: Checking the overall appearance and quality post-wash.
  • Twisting and Color Fastness to Water: Verifying color stability against water exposure and twisting.

01. Stitching

Our stitching process combines the latest in modern equipment, cutting-edge machinery, and the expertise of skilled artisans. Our team boasts a track record of collaborating with renowned brands, Every stitch is meticulously executed to ensure a premium-quality outcome, aligned with our commitment to meeting the discerning demands and expectations of our esteemed clientele.



Within our comprehensive manufacturing services, we offer both embroidery and printing options for garment embellishments. Our skilled team has developed a diverse collection of embroidery designs through meticulous artwork, catering to the preferences of our esteemed clients.



Our laundering service takes place within our state-of-the-art washing facility, overseen by experienced staff members. Our machines are capable of performing a wide range of wet and dry processes, ensuring efficient production of up to 5000 pieces daily.



To guarantee that our packaging aligns with our clients’ preferences, we offer customized packaging solutions tailored to their specifications. This is achieved by utilizing state-of-the-art ironing machinery and skilled workforce to meet the specific packing demands of our customers.